The syllabus for Theories of Punishment (Humanities 304/Philosophy 460/EP&E 467) is here. My Yale students should go to Classes V2 for access to further course materials.

Here is an introductory handout on arguments.

The Fall 2013 DS Philosophy Soundtrack is now online!

Every philosopher with a webpage links to Jim Pryor’s guide to writing a philosophy paper, because it is an outstanding resource.

Wait! Don’t go to wikipedia! Try the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy instead. It has clear, comprehensive, rigorous overviews of nearly all major philosophical topics and figures.

Everyone who teaches you writing will point you to Strunk and White. Read Chapter II. But also beware.

In an attempt to make an original contribution to your success as a writer (of philosophy or anything else), let me point you to Garner’s Modern American Usage. It is an exhaustive resource. Many graduate students haven’t yet discovered it, and for that they are worse off. If you’re jaded by the Oxford Comma wars, take a look at Garner’s four-page entry on phrasal adjectives.

I used to think that it was wrong, wrong, wrong to put two spaces after a period in a word processor. But I was wrong.